Dr. Maria del Pilar Rios recognized within the 100 best dentists in the world of 2020

The Venezuelan dentist, Dr. Maria del Pilar Rios recognized in the honor roll within the 100 best dentists in the world of 2020 from The Global Summits Institute

maria-del-pilar-rios-calvoAt the beginning of this year, the Global Summits Institute chaired by Dr. Kianor Shah presented the 100 best professionals in dentistry in the world of 2020, among which is the Venezuelan Dr. María del Pilar Ríos. This is an honorary recognition, it is a lifetime achievement award for exceptional services provided to the art and science of dentistry. Each member had been nominated by their peers and selected by a committee of their colleagues. The group consisted of renowned dentists, experts, key opinion leaders, researchers, executives, innovators and specialists. 500 dentists participated and 100 dentists from more than 70 countries were ratified.

Dr. María del Pilar Ríos, graduated from the Central University of Venezuela as the first of her class and school award, she dedicated herself to specializing in Prosthodontics and Implants at Boston University, where she also received as Magister Scientiarum obtaining Honorable mention.

She returns to her homeland, Venezuela where Dr. María del Pilar Ríos creates and directs a master’s degree in Dental Implants at the Santa María University, being the only one in Venezuela, in addition, to have won the PIN research and academic Award from the Central University of Venezuela in the same area of ​​experience, Dr. María del Pilar Ríos is considered a pioneer of dental implantology in Venezuela. She was Dean of the Dental School at the Santa María University where she received a PhD in Educational Sciences oriented to Dental Implantology.

Dr. María del Pilar Ríos won awards that are of great importance in international dentistry, including the Tylman award from the American Academy of Prosthetics. It should be noted that she is the first woman to reach the presidency of the Venezuelan Society of Stomatological Prosthesis. In addition to his clinical, academic and research experience in the area of ​​dental prostheses and implants, he has published countless research articles, has been a mentor and jury of more than 80 master’s degree theses in implantology. Dr. María del Pilar Ríos has created the Ríos Protocol in Dental Implantology, the advanced version of platelet-rich plasma as a facial filler, founder of FundaImplantes and the Dental Implant Center of the Santa María University with great social sensitivity due to its innumerable social works aimed at Dental Implantology.

The Global Summit Institute is an American organization, distinguished among peers, which recognizes the world’s leading dentists and specialists who exemplify clinical excellence, innovation, research, organizational leadership and entrepreneurship at the service of humanity and the advancement of the global oral health industry.

The full list of honorees is located at www.Top100Doc.com, and names include such leaders as the following: Gordon J. Christensen, DDS, Ph.D., MSD, Arun Garg, DMD, Dennis P. Tarnow, Howard Farran , DDS, MBA, Joseph Kan, DDS, MS, Gerald Niznick, DMD, MSD, Scott D. Ganz, DMD, Paul Feuerstein, DMD, Jon B. Suzuki, DDS, Ph.D., MBA and Maria del Pilar Ríos DDS , CAGS, Esp. MScD, PHD.

With a presence in more than 200 countries and territories and 16,500 professional members, the Global Summit Institute distinguished Dr. María del Pilar Ríos as the first Venezuelan woman, dentist, prosthodontist and implantologist to receive this award, for her robust curriculum vitae, level of continuing education, research, degrees, past awards, inventions, leadership roles, humanitarian endeavors, and her notable contributions to the dental academy, says Dr. Shah, who served as host of the G20 Executive Summit and founding regent.

Source: https://www.dentalproductsreport.com/view/cellerant-to-introduce-best-of-class-hygiene-award

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